Organize and make useful the “WPA”: the Wisdom (knowledge and experience), Passions (dreams and desires), and Assets (connections, gifts/talents and wealth resources) of people aged 50+ for the good of mankind.


Provide “Deep Support” to:

  1. Those aged 50+ who are seeking to maximize life’s 2nd half.
  2. Partner companies wishing to participate in the tremendously lucrative 50+ marketplace.


The Vital Age (TVA) is a human restoration company. We’re here to restore the power of people aged 50+ to improve their lives, those of their loved-ones, their communities, and the world at large. Based on a three-pillared model, TVA brings like-minded people and organizations together to optimize the personal Autonomy, Vitality, and Contribution of people aged 50+ to maximize the remainder of their lives, and to empower them to create and live a “fabulous and fulfilling life after 50.” 


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The Power of the 50+


The financial power of the 50+ population is undeniable.

  • It controls 2/3 of household wealth in the U.S.

  • It spends more and creates more jobs than any other age group combined.

  • It will leave over $70 Trillion in assets to its heirs.

  • If it were an independent nation, it would rank 3rd only behind the U.S. and China in terms of GDP.


The 50+ Super Power


The greater power of the 50+ population is its “WPA”.

  • Wisdom: Knowledge & Experience

  • Passions: Dreams, Desires, & Goals

  • Assets: Gifts, Talents, Connections, & Wealth Resources

Organizing and making useful the WPA of those aged 50+ is our vision. The questions have been asked:

  1. What couldn’t we accomplish if we could organize and unleash the 50+ WPA for the benefit of mankind?

  2. A better question: Where will mankind be if we don’t do this?

Who We Are

We’re people over the age of 50 from many walks of life who believe that America’s seniors have something meaningful to contribute to the good of mankind.

We reject the prevailing definition of a senior as someone in a state of decline and decay. We choose the definition applied to a senior in college: a student who has paid their dues, gained knowledge and experience, and is now ready to apply those abilities to make a difference in the world.

As the first co-op by, of, and for seniors, The Vital Age intends to bring together the Wisdom, Passions, and Assets of seniors to improve their lives, their communities, and the world at large.

We invite all those aged 50 or better, and their immediate family members, who are more interested in contribution than accumulation to join us in our important mission.

Together we can do much good.