Welcome to The Vital Age:

The First Member-Owned Co-op For Seniors!

Cooperatives, or co-ops, are businesses that are democratically controlled by their users and owners. They embody the principles of self-help, equity, self-responsibility, democracy, equality, and solidarity.
  • Self-Help & Equity: Members can control their economic future. Co-op profits are either reinvested in the co-op, or are returned to the members – typically in tax-optimized ways.
  • Self/Shared-Responsibility & Solidarity: Members contribute to the success of the co-op, and receive rewards based on the level of their contributions. All boats rise as we work together for the good of our members and for the benefit of mankind. 
  • Democracy & Equality: Every member has a vote that counts equally in the direction and management of the co-op. 
The Vital Age co-op (TVA) is currently seeking initial Founding Member/Owners to prepare for launch. As a Founder, you will receive exclusive benefits as follows: 
  • A free lifetime membership.
  • VIP status: Access to premium features including priority event invitations, exclusive content, and early access to new co-op services.
  • Prime team roles: first access to roles within the company as we grow. Help shape TVA’s strategic direction through your participation.
  • A share in co-op profits: earn a percentage of co-op profits, based on your participation.
  • Earn referral rewards as you help the co-op grow by referring new members that you would recommend. 
  • Become a senior influencer: Test the products and services provided by our excellent strategic partner companies either for free or at a steep discount, and recommend the best of these to your peers.
  • Many additional benefits.
If you would like to help us build and grow this exciting co-op for, of, and by seniors, reach out to us. We love talking about what we do!


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